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Our Intensive instructors for  Thursday March 23, 2017
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Here it is!!!! Our belly dance intensives being offered at Art of the Belly. We selected two of the most sought ever instructors!!! For our Cabaret dancers we are super excited to have SADIE MARQUARDT and for our Tribal Dancers we are proud to be sponsoring the incredible DONNA MEJIA. Two words come to mind for these instructors  Whoop Whoop!!!

The Question is, are you ready to take your dance to a new level? Are you ready to spend 6 hours with one of these instructors? The space is limited and these are for the dancer ready to take their skill and improve it. It is a privilege to study with these instructors for six hours . You will learn new moves, you will improve your skill. you will enhance your dance!

What is the price of this opportunity? Well lets see- 6 hrs with an awesome instructor, a delicious lunch from the Carousel (don't worry there will be some vegan and vegetarian options available) and Admittance to all 3 shows  Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Price includes Lunch on Thurs and admittance to all 3 shows Fri-Sat-Sun and a special gift bag

If funds are tight we will work with you.
You may mail a check or make installments through the mail. Just contact us
intensive hours are 9:00am- 4:00pm
  Lunch Break at 12:00pm
"Sadie's Kick Ass Drills & Luscious Layers"

Layering is the ultimate Belly dance skill. Sadie's layering techniques and Kick Ass Drills will allow all levels of dancers including beginners to start having fun with layers while challenging even the most advanced dancers and teachers. Get ready to create some seriously Luscious Layers! 

Those that sign up for intensives and are paid in full will receive the application first. Please fill it out and get it back to us prior to open applications Sept 15. Those that take intensives  have top priority in performance slots
Sadie Marquardt
Donna Meija
Impulse, Momentum, and Fluidity with Donna Mejia

This class will explore continuums of movements: the uninterrupted flow of movement in both the standing body (transferred as waves) and traveling body (progressions across the floor). We will investigate the idea of obstructions or default movement habits. Our class objective is NOT to create a specific style or aesthetic of dace. Rather, we will workshop our way through common patterns of resistance. Participants can expect a substantial and vigorous warmup (please bring a yoga mat), followed by short phrases of choreography danced across the room. We will give special focus to traveling patterns in the feet, and integration of hip/torso work in conjunction with traveling. Building confidence with improvisation and perpetuity is what we’re aiming for. As always, I promise the best
music in the universe (!), respect for your dignity as a participant, honesty, and much laughter during our “laboratory” time together.